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Mountain View . California

Auto Repair & Auto Maintenance
Mechanic Services

"We do more than tires services!"

Besides our full tire services and sales of new and used tires we provide mechanic services including oil change, brakes repair and replacement, shock absorbers inspection and replacement, oil change and other usual auto mechanic services.

Brakes Service & Replacement

We repair and replace brake pads and rotors.

Brakes are a fundamental part of your ca, brakes not only provide allow you to stop safely but also they affect the performance and duration of your tires.

We can cinspect, maintain and if necessary replace any part of your braking system such as brake rotors, braje pistons, brake calipers, brake lines, etc.

Shock Absorbers

We help you select and replace shock absorbers

Shock absorbers not olny provide you with a smoot ride, they also are crucial in a secure and safe driving experience. Shocks directly affect your steering, braking, as well as tire performance and life-time.

We can inspect and if necessary advice you and replace your shocks aborbers.

Oil Change

We check your oil and replace it if needed.

An old saying says that "oil change is teh cheapest spare part and maintenance", and there is a lot of true to it.

Periodic oil change at the correct time and mileage maintains your engine running smooth extending the lifetime of the motor and its parts. We change your oil and inspect other critical parts of your car.

Auto Mechanics

We check your oil and replace it if needed.

We also perform other usual auto mechanic services such as timing belt, tuning, ingectors maintenance, as well as repairing older cars.

Ask us for advice and an estimation on your next auto maintaenance or auto repair service.