Rich's Tires

Full Tire Service & Automotive Mechanics

Mountain View . California

Tire Road Service

"We solve your tire problems on the road"

Trucks and commercial vehicles especially benefit
from our tires road-services.

Our tires road-service helps trucks, taxis, working pick-ups and opther commercial and provate vehicles with tire problems in the road.

From private cars to commercial trailer-trucks, we have tires for you, and we service them.

Punctured Tires

We fix punctures on the road in short time.

Having a puncture without a good spare tire just can't be solve on your own.

We fix your puncture on the road, or provide a spare tire per your request. In a short time you will be back on the road.

No Spare Tire

We can help you!

If you don't have a spare tire we either fix your puncture or we bring you a spare tire so you can cpontinue your work.

Mechanical Problems

Many mechanical problems can be troubleshooted and fixed on the road.

In you have brakes or other mechanical problem that could be fixed on the road, our road-service can help you.

If necessary, we can get spare parts to replace.