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Mountain View . California

Full Tire Inventory & Tires Services

"We have a tire for you & we fix your tires"

We are open from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week
That is the service we stand by!

Our large on-hand and per-orderinventory fits almost any tire need you may have. Our expert advice will help you make a sound choice and save money.

From private cars to commercial trailer-trucks, we have tires for you, and we service them. We offer the same new tires service in our Rich's Tires San Jose new location.

New Tires

We carry all tire brands

We offer a wide variety of new tires on ostock, and we can order any tire that yu want or thwt we believe you may need. You can count in our new tires advice, and service.

We also advise clients on the best tire for their needs and if we don't have it we order them at a good price and fast delivery.

Tire Service

From replacing tires to balancing to fixing a puncture - we do it all!

Tires are a fundamental comònent of your car that naturally wears out and have the potential of getting damaged easily.

From repairing a small puncture or air leak to advice on what are the tire choices for a particular vehicle and usage, we will help you to have a great driving experience, at a good price.

If you don't have a spare tire we either fix your puncture or we bring you a spare tire so you can continue your work.

Inspected Used Tires

Sometimes saving money by buying an inspected used tore makes sense

Depending on your needs and budget, getting a used tire that has been inspected and approved for usage can make lots of sense.

Our used tires are not just any tire, thay have been relaced by new tires becaus a vehicle is going to be sold or similar circumstances, they are not bad tires.

We get them already inspected, and we inspect them again so you can be sure that you can get a working tire at a low price.